There are many reasons why a company decides on ordering some services to the outside parties. One of the most popular trends today is staff outsourcing. Outsourcing of employees helps to streamline the recruitment processes and has a positive impact on the prestige of a company.

What would you gain thanks to the cooperation with LAGDIW Employment and Staffing Agency?

We will take all the burden of the HR process. Thanks to our support you will save your time and money previously dedicated to the recruitment purpose.

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„Gain prospects taking the right decisions”, — LAGDIW

Outsourcing of services gives you the following gains

  • Smooth business activity of your company and the ease of the internal organisation process – the choice of this solution helps to limit a lot of formalities connected with contracts and salaries;
  • Saving of time and energy – by ordering the recruitment and selection of employees to our recruiters you gain your valuable time. Now you can concentrate on your crucial business activity and further development of your business;
  • Financial savings – usage of someone else’s resources minimises employment costs up to 30%. The company may save on recruitment and selection, and outsourcing can be included into the company’s monthly expenditure;
  • Access to the qualified staff– outsourcing gives a company the possibility to cooperate with experienced and qualified specialists;
  • Bigger scope of actions – people from the outside can reach the goals which seemed impossible to reach. Current resources can be used to other crucial business activities;
  • Immediate fulfilment of needs – if you are short of staff and you need to find a new employee quickly, cooperation with a qualified employment agency can speed the whole recruitment process up. In case of the long-lasting cooperation the process may be shortened to 24 hours.

Minimum formalities and flexibility

  • You may decide how long you would like to cooperate with a given employee;
  • if there is a need you can substitute one employee with another immediately;
  • you can request for additional staff at any time – we will find them;
  • Short-termed notice of resignation means additional gains for an employer;
  • Employment runs without any necessity to sign the long-term contract with an employee.

There are three reasons why you should start your business relations with LAGDIW

1. Minimalisation of formalities

Instead of loads of payouts and wasting your time – you will just pay the collective VAT invoice at the end of the billing cycle. The amount depends on the actual working hours (the hours being worked), so you are sure what you pay for.

2. You do not deal with documentation

We take all the responsibility related to contract preparations, insurances, taxes (PIT), salaries, doctor examinations, or health and safety trainings. We also deal with national health fund payments (ZUS), calculations of the days off, holidays and sickness leaves (L4).

3. What you get is the verified staff

Qualifications of staff we delegate to your company is carefully checked. So you are sure they will prove themselves at their jobs. Qualifications of some of them are so high that many of our Clients continue cooperating with us not on a temporary, but on the permanent contract basis.