Wrongly assigned employees are like a ticking bomb

An improperly hired employee means:

  • unnecessary costs
  • uncompleted goals
  • loss of potential clients and status
  • fall of productivity of other employees
  • wasted training time
  • frustration of managers

Our market research has shown that the most common reasons for hiring an inappropriate employee are:

  • 40% – the need for a quick substitution of an employee who had resigned;
  • 25% – cooperation was not bringing any desired progress;
  • 24% – the employer did not verify neither experience nor competences of an employee;
  • 11% –   the employer did not check the employee’s recommendations.

What to do to avoid these mistakes?

It’s simple – you just need to let our Agency proceed with the end-to-end recruitment.

What is our job?

After our meeting we will create the profile of the ideal candidate. Our experts will build the database of the potential clients up-to your expectations. Our recruiters will make the pre-selection of the candidates.

They will verify the CV and the competences of the candidates during the telephone interview. The best candidates will be asked to come for the interview to our office and we will verify their competences by the competence tests. The whole process will be videorecorded and attached to the candidate’s personal file. In effect, we will be able to present you with the minimum of two candidates who performed best during the interviews. You will make your final choice.

blond girl with headphonesWhat can you count on by ordering LAGDIW to take care of the complete recruitment process?

  • professionally created job offer, designed by our experienced recruitment consultants;
  • proper choice of the recruitment media which enable the widest reception of the right candidates;
  • savings on the expenses related to the job offer publishing;
  • your personal time-saving for pre-selection of all the incoming CV and cover letters;
  • your professional image thanks to the carefully prepared interviews conducted in the comfortable conditions of our office;
  • fully-prepared post-recruitment report;
  • ability to organise a meeting of the recommended candidates at the client’s office;
  • conducting careful research on the candidate’s professional predispositions;
  • reliable verification of all the candidate’s references.

Do you have further questions?

Call us and we’ll be happy to help.