About us
LAGDIW is an innovative employment and staffing agency dealing with staff outsourcing

Years of our business experience and a high number of business contacts enable us to establish contacts between employees and employers quickly. We gained experience both in Poland and beyond Polish borders. Today we operate in the whole EU as well as outside of the borders of the EU – Island, Norway and Sweden.

What we offer for you?

  • help in legalising the stay in a given country
  • help in finding a legal job
  • transport to the destination of your job contract
  • accommodation
  • reliable and well-paid job offers
  • support of our coordinators who speak foreign languages (e.g. Russian, Ukranian)
  • help in extenction of your legal stay and receiving the invitation from the Vojevoda

Send us your CV and find a job of your dreams.

Our company operates both in Poland and beyond Polish borders. Taking up a temporary job at our company is an easy way to the solid and long-lasting cooperation. We are looking for experienced and highly qualified employees fit to our clients’ demands. Satisfaction of the both sides – Clients’ and Employees’ – is our top priority.

LAGDIW Employment and Staffing Agency holds the valid certificate of the Chamber of Polish Employers which is the proof of the competence and the experience of the business actions taken by LAGDIW Employment and Staffing Agency.